Born 1964 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
Lives and works in New York


1984-87 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic, BA (Hons Fine Art)
1983-84 Blackburn School of Art (Foundation)

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Lost For Words, Murray Guy, New York
2015 Matthew Higgs and Clive Hodgson, Wilkinson, London
2014 Matthew Higgs, Ian Wallace: Reading Works, The Apartment, Vancouver
2013 MLMH (two person exhibition with Margaret Lee), Murray Guy, New York
2012 MHML (two person exhibition with Margaret Lee), The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2010 Showdown, The Apartment, Athens, Greece
2009 Art in Crisis – Pictures in Peril, Murray Guy, New York
Never Look Back, Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, East Hampton, NY
Beginnings, Middles and Ends (with Gedi Sibony), Galerie Senn, Vienna
2008 Wilkinson, London
Are You Happy, The Apartment, Vancouver
2007 EX LIBRIS: Matthew Higgs and Peter Wuethrich, University Gallery Umass, Amherst, MA
Jack Hanley, Los Angeles
2006 What goes around comes around, Murray Guy, New York
2004 Priceless, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL
2003 Art Isnʼt Easy, Murray Guy, New York
2002 Not Worth Reading, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
2000 Look Now, Pay Later, Murray Guy, New York
1999 Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
1997 Thereʼs a painting on the wall (a collaboration with Chris Ofili), Anthony Wilkinson Fine Art, London
1996 Thereʼs a painting on the wall (a collaboration with Peter Doig), Anthony Wilkinson Fine Art, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Foundation Barbin Presents Redeux Sort Of, Kai Matsumiya Gallery, New York
2014 Not for All My Little Words (curated by Tim Hawkinson), Marc Straus, New York
Manic Panic, Shoot the Lobster, New York.
2013 Parasitic Gaps, Team Gallery, New York
Reading, The Hole, New York
Blank Out, The Apartment, Vancouver
MHMMML. Matthew Higgs/Marion Mullen/Margaret Lee, International Art Objects, Los Angeles
19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles, Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
Brennan & Griffin, New York
Wallspace, New York
2012 The Feverish Library, Freidrich Petzel Gallery, New York
Andrae Kaufmann Gallery, Berlin
Funny (curated by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson), The Flag Art Foundation, New York
Creature from the Blue Lagoon (curated by Bob Nickas), Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer (curated by Børre Sæthre & James Hoff), Tidens Krav, Oslo, Norway
The End (curated by John Connelly), Vogt Gallery, New York
2011 The 2011 Bridgehampton Biennial (organized by Bob Nickas), Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
We Are Grammar, Pratt Manhattan, New York
2010 Con il libro, Galleria Martano, Turin, Italy
The Page, Kimmerich, New York
Ashes to Ashes (curated by Christopher Garrett), AMP, Athens, Greece
Book Ends, James Fuentes, New York
2009 The Living and the Dead, Gavin Brownʼs Enterprise, New York
In A Room Anything Can Happen, CCS Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
2008 Tractatus Logico-Catalogicus, VOX contemporary image, Montreal
The Overlooked Space, Plug In ICA,Winnipeg, Canada
Friends & Family, Anton Kern Gallery, New York
Not So Subtle Subtitle, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York
A New High In Getting Low (NYC), John Connelly Presents, New York
2007 Two Years, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Ashtray, KS Art, New York
Matthew Buckingham, Francis Cape, Kota Ezawa, Matthew Higgs, Murray Guy, New York
Abstraction, Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles
I Like to Watch, The Canal Chapter, New York
Type Face, James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2006 Nicole Klagsbrun, New York
Mid-Life Crisis, Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, New York
2005 Looking at Words: the formal presence of text in modern and contemporary works on paper, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Rub Out the Word (curated by Michael Wilson), d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, Brooklyn NY
In words and pictures, Murray Guy, New York
Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Bergdorf Goodman, New York
2004 Small: The Object in Film, Video, and Slide Installation, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
The Book Show, The Nunnery, London
2003 Video Lounge, Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL
Pages (curated by Buzz Specter), Cristina Rose/Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York
Rendered, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
Welcome Home, Gavin Brownʼs enterprise, New York
2002 Mixer 02, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago
New Originals, Richard Salmon, London
2001 A Private Reading, Senior & Shopmaker Gallery, New York
2000 3 Rooms, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
Cheated, Paul Stolper, London
Point of View, Richard Salmon, London
Snowballing, Arthur R. Rose, London
1999 Dot, dot, London
Bibliomania, Waterstones, London
Porcupines, 291 Gallery, London
On Paper, Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen
The Sea, The Sea, Murray Guy, New York
1998 In the Beginning, Murray Guy, New York
Books as art (curated by Andrew Bick), Cheltenham Literary Festival, Cheltenham, UK
Some English Atrocities (curated by Godfrey Worsdale), Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
1997 20/20, Kingsgate Gallery, London
Lovecraft (curated by Martin McGeown and Toby Webster), CCA, Glasgow, UK; South London Art Gallery, London (1998)
Imprint 93 (and other related ephemera), Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK
I wish I could draw (curated by Linda Karshan), Sandra Gering Gallery, New York
1996 On a Clear Day, work for an interactive CD-ROM, touring exhibition
Life/Live (curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Laurence Bossé), Musée dʼArt Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris; Centro Culturel de Belem, Lisbon (1997)
Viper, Bank at The Dog, London
Yerself is Steam, 85 Charlotte Road, London
Banana Republic, Bund, Malden Lane, London
NowHere (curated by Iwona Blazwick), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark
Collected Works (curated by Neil Cummings), On View, Derby School of Art, Derby, UK
Open, Gavin Brownʼs enterprise, New York
Kiss This, Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, UK
The Happy Squirrel Club, Bank at Die Fabriek, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Wingate Artists Award (selected by Iwona Blazwick, Peter Doig and Adrian Searle), Art 96, London
1995 Cocaine Orgasm, Bank at Burbage House, London
Charge of the Light Brigade, Bank at Burbage House, London
Mélange dʼAout, Laure Genillard Gallery, London
Enthusiasts, Gavin Brownʼs enterprise, New York
Imprint 93, City Racing, London
Portsmouth, Portsmouth City Art Gallery and Museum, Portsmouth, UK
Zombie Golf, Bank at Burbage House, London
Supastore Boutique (curated by Sarah Staton), Middlesborough Art Gallery, Middlesborough, UK
Four Projects (curated by Rose Lord), Frith Street Gallery, London
Making Mischief, Byron House, St. Jamesʼ Street, London
1994 Making Mischief, Byron House, St. Jamesʼ Street, London
Supastore Boutique (curated by Sarah Staton), Laure Genillard Gallery, London
East (selected by Rudi Fuchs and Jan Dibbets), Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK
Imprint 93, Cabinet Gallery, London
Curatorʼs Egg (selected by Patricia Bickers), Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
1993 Okay Behaviour (curated by Gareth Jones and Gavin Brown), 303 Gallery, New York
Making People Disappear (curated by Gareth Jones), Cubitt Gallery, London
Publicsfear (curated by Tod Lippy), Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Underlay (curated by Gavin Brown), 15 Renwick Street, New York
1992 Inside a Microcosm (curated by Gareth Jones), Laure Genillard Gallery, London


1996 Wingate Artists Award

Public Collections

Tate Modern, London

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Selected Artist’s Publications

2010 with Martin Creed, double-sided 12-inch vinyl picture disk, The Thing Quarterly, no. 13 (Winter 2010–2011)
2002 “Three Parts.” Open City, no. 16 (Winter 2002–2003), pp. 203–211
1997 Untitled contribution. The Mule [London]. Artists’ newspaper.
Artist’s page. Victoria Magazine [London], No.1 (1997)
1996 Last Supper. Artist’s project. Paris: Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; London: Imprint 93, 1996
“Local News.” Artist’s pages. Edited by Stephan Willats, Control Magazine [London] no. 15 (1996)
Room. Artist’s book. London: Bund, 1996
Seven Wonders of the World. Artist’s book. London/Humlebaek, 1996
1995 Artist’s project. Starkmann Library Services catalogue 4, London
“Five Bookpages.” Artist’s project. Nummer Magazine [Cologne], no. 3, (1995), 5pp
Desert Island Discs. Artist’s project. London: City Racing/Imprint 93, 1995
Five Bookpages. Artist’s book. London: Frith Street Gallery, 1995, 14pp
1994 Top Tens. Artist’s project. London: Cabinet Gallery/Imprint 93, 1994
1993 Some Broken Windows. Artist’s book. London: Imprint 93, 1993, 16pp
Okay Behaviour. Artist’s project. New York: 303 Gallery, 1993
Making People Disappear. Artist’s project. London: Cubitt Street Gallery, 1993
The Reluctant Lover. Artist’s project. Publicsfear magazine [New York] 1, no. 2 (1993), 14pp

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